All expenses other than mentioned above including but not restricted to following will be borne by the end user: Travel, transportation, conveyance, food, incidentals & applicable Taxes. Additional accommodation and other facilities offered by the hotels that may be availed by the customer during their stay.

Mandatory Documents Required at the time of Booking Hotel:

  • Duly filled hotel request form in original mentioning name of the customers
  • Photocopy of invoice given at the time of purchase
  • Photocopy of your photo identity proof, e.g. photocopy of driving license etc
  • Photocopy of passports of both the travellers (for international tourist)

The package (hotel stay) must be availed within 1 year from the date of purchase and request to avail the package must reach us within 11 months from the date of of purchase.

No cancellation or amendment is possible after confirmation of booking. In the event of customer not availing the confirmed accommodation no replacement or alternate reservation shall be offered. The use of the confirmation Ietter is subject to the rules and regulations of the hotel(s). The use of the confirmation letter by the customer shall be deemed as an acceptance to the rules and regulations of the hotel(s).

The provision of the holiday package is subject to Force Majeure conditions.

Scheme Coordinator is solely responsible for scheme coordination according to the terms and conditions mentioned above. For all other transactions dealing with BR Getvision Pvt. Ltd.

In case you lose the booklet and /or the hotel booking reservation your right to avail the Tripsvision membership. However after paying a penal charge of 1099/- your booking can be renewed and a fresh form re-issued.

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