Dear friends,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce that Tripsvision is now a reputable name in the hospitality business and has achieved a growth rate which has gone much beyond our expectations. This phenomenal success is due primarily to the zeal and hard work of everyone who now belongs to the ever-expanding family of Tripsvision. I heartily thank all affiliate members for trusting in the dream and working unceasingly to make it a reality. Since times immemorial, man has had an urge to travel to new places and meet different people. In our times too, despite busy schedules and heavy workloads, people love to travel to various places. However, due to expensive hotels, an average traveler is unable to travel much. After months of research and people-to-people surveys, our think- tank members devised an innovative business plan which is brilliant in its conception and very practical in its implementation.

But this is just a good start; there are many milestones to be covered, and many more dreams to be fulfilled. This is not my dream alone. All affiliate members are an intrinsic part of it. And I am very encouraged by the enthusiastic response of more than a thousand families who travel in India and abroad every month. We take constant feedbacks from our customers about what they feel about the facilities offered by the Tripsvision Team.. We constantly seek to improvise and would be very grateful to receive suggestions from each one of you through phone calls, e-mails etc. More importantly, it has an in-built business opportunity for you and your family by becoming an Affiliate Member of Tripsvision Business Plan at a very nominal cost.

Tripsvision Business Plan regularly organizes seminars and training programs to help you understand the business part of the deal. It is better and more profitable than any direct marketing business which are nothing more than 'schemes' to dupe people.

Once again, I take this opportunity to thank all my companions who have been an integral part of this wonderful business opportunity. I hope that we will continue to move ahead on this journey of life with more transparent sincerity in the coming years, and as we move along, continue to encourage our families and friends to become a part of this 'dream' but make some 'real' good money.

So, dear friends, I welcome you once again into 'The Business Plan of All Business Plans!'


Thank you, everyone, my Tripsvision Family members for continuously working hard day and night. Before I conclude, I want to renew my pledge to continue to do my best in helping you to make your dreams come true. My regards and warm wishes of good health and prosperity to you and your family,