Become B2B Money Transfer Agent – Earn Rs. Up to 1, 00,000 per Month / More

Money Transfer Market Size


Money transfer service is one of the most demanding services today in India. The online money transfer business or the money transfer agency provides huge earning potential in terms of commissions earned on domestic as well as international money transfer. As a proxy indicator of the size of the domestic remittance market, India Post alone handled 96 million money orders last year.


As a b2b money transfer agent of Tripsvision you will get the opportunity to directly appoint money transfer agents and to share the commission earned by them. You will be able to create your own portal under your own brand name with the help of our money transfer API


B2B Money Transfer


Ø      Own Your 100% Business Portal

Ø      You Can Create Your Own Brand

Ø      Simple and attractive design

Ø      Easy navigation flow for users to browse on website

Ø      Users can easily transfer funds across different banks

Ø      Well branded layouts with attractive and effective designs

Ø      Online commission / sales report

Ø      Manage Your Own Network

Ø      Divide Commission as per agent business

Ø      Earn highest commission.

Ø      Competitive rates, personalized services

Ø      Dedicated team to handle all queries

Ø      Online support

Ø      Prompt service to your customer


Benefits of Becoming a B2B Money Transfer Agent

  1. Opportunity to promote your own money transfer remittance portal (Get our money transfer API to create your own remittance portal)
  2. Capability of appointing network of money transfer agents throughout countr
  3. Instant money transfer, 24x7 across different banks
  4. Instant money transfer, 24x7 across different banks

Become B2B Money Transfer Agent In 3 Simple Steps:

1) Fill in Join Us Form
2) Send Your Documents
3) Receive License & Start Business